Investment Opportunities Across the Risk-Return Spectrum

For more than 30 years, Amare Investment expertise across our fully integrated asset management platform has served the financial return needs of our clients while providing businesses with innovative capital solutions for growth.

We source investment and lending opportunities across Yield, Hybrid and Equity, and look to serve as the long-term capital partner of choice to thousands of companies. Apollo offers a wide and flexible range of solutions, whether providing control equity and strategic advice, hybrid capital, or bespoke lending solutions to businesses large and small.

We maintain a disciplined and rigorous approach and promote sound ESG practices to produce better outcomes for our clients and the businesses they invest in.

Learn more about our capabilities, from private equity to real estate to credit origination and more via the Yield, Hybrid and Equity categories below.

Our Platforms and Products

Amare puts capital to work through five platforms that are made up of 17 distinctive products—all of which were created by growing organically into opportunities we identified through deep thematic work in key sectors and geographies.


Large-scale control-oriented private equity investing


Growth equity and middle market private equity investing


Private equity investing focused on both societal and financial outcomes

Real Estate

Diversified, thematic Real Estate investing platform

Market Solutions

Differentiated strategies built to address specific market opportunities

Investments made easy and safe for everyone

Exporters & Importers

Service Providers


The Safest Way to For Trust And Investments

Our platform is equipped with a top-quality security infrastructure designed to protect your money on till goods or service are delivered

Experience the new world of Web Development

13013 Capital’s core focus is on providing high-quality, tailored, independent advice and funding solutions.

We pride ourself on our deep experience across the full spectrum of M&A transactions, combined with diverse Equity Capital Markets and Debt Advisory expertise.

Our specialty is the resources sector with Axion Capital’s executives possessing a long track record of success. Our broad range of experience also incorporates complementary sectors including mining services, technology, financial services and 13013.


Amare Investments is a leading global alternative asset manager with approximately $5 billion of assets under management across real estate, infrastructure, renewable power, private equity and credit. Our objective is to generate attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns for the benefit of our clients and shareholders.

We manage a range of public and private investment products and services for institutional and retail clients. We earn asset management income for doing so and align our interests with our clients by investing alongside them. We have access to large-scale capital enabling us to make investments in sizeable, premier assets and businesses across geographies and asset classes that few managers are able to do.